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First you must find a guitar tutor that will let you pick you own guitar style and then let you follow that style throughout your guitar career.  Someone that will encourage you every step of the way.  You need someone that is reliable and supportive in order to progress to the level you desire.

Secondly you need to make sure that your chosen guitar teacher has the expertise to custom write your guitar lessons specifically for you and your current level of knowledge.

In Liverpool Guitar Teacher you have found these things.  The guitar is an instrument unlike any other: it is powerful and will become part of your now an always.  Your must find your style whether it be rock, blues country or any other of the numerous styles out there and let that style lead you into the guitar player you want to be.
I teach electric guitar and acoustic where I cover many styles and techniques.  I have a large collection of exercises that introduce the student to new styles that will give them a basic understanding of them.
I teach lead and rhythm guitar and also the area where they cross over, I teach my students techniques they will actually find a use for.
I teach from home in my studio where I have everything I need.  Each lesson the student receives a set of printed notes for the "homework" along with copies of whatever exercises they are working on.  You do not have to read music to have lessons but if want I can teach you that too.  My lessons involve some music theory as and when the techniques involved demand it.
All the music notes I use which I have created myself are printed clearly and are written in guitar tablature and standard notation.  I have a very large library of music so students can learn songs they want to.  If a student wants to work on one particular aspect of technique or theory we can do that.  No two students are the same.  I tailor each lesson to the students needs.
All the lessons are tailored to your needs and desires,  You can chose to either work through the grades, improve your playing technique, or just learn your favourite songs.  Lesson packages have been developed that may suit your requirements. 
Students benefit from friendly one to one tuition.  Tuition is provided for complete beginners through to those wishing to expand their skills as a guitarist, whether children or adults.
Students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Parents/guardians can sit and enjoy a coffee or tea while watching their children learn.